Black Friday & Redemption

Today, 2 years ago I started a massive transition and redemption! It was Black Friday, 2014 when I landing in Seattle to begin a new chapter in my life. Just me, 3 boxes and 3 suitcases to enter my new endeavor. It was what was needed to happen to me.

During this time I have transformed physically, emotionally and spiritually. Physically, as many have you seen, I have pushed my body to never before. Digging deep with fortitude to prepare it for stage ready presence. I competed in Oct 2015 in NPAA BC Championships in Vancouver BC Canada with 1st in Novice, 2nd in Master’s and 3rd in Open. Now, 9 days out for next competition of 2016 OCB Capitol City Classic in Richmond VA. I also this year re-certified in Personal Training. I find building my body, builds my mind. It is an arduous and amazing process to prep and thanks my coach while in Seattle Frankie Rongo and my coaches in Marysville WA., Kevin and Lynda James, I have had wonderful guidance and support.

Emotionally, it has been another process. I have studied a great deal of my faults and mistakes and embraced them to learn, change and redeem. It has been a tremendous process of looking inward, carving out and evolving. I have transformed from my hard shell toward, grew passion and built my core. It is so much healthier with the “foundation” Edward. I look to continue my growth to better myself.

Lastly, spiritually I have reconnected with faith and the “Baby Jesus”. The paths of life are determined by his guidance. I was active in my parish in Seattle who embraced me and was taught so much in helping others. Currently, I enjoy participating in my parish here in Maryland. I have been so blessed in these two years with guardian angels and advice from above. I also been blessed with much success in career, amazing friendships and my love of my family through this.

My goal now is share my learning, processes and resiliency. I find so many others struggling with fortitude, guidance and the will to persevere through adversity. The adversity I created, I needed to evolve from to become a better person. I’m so happy to have such adversities over and many new avenues to pursue. I want to continue here and show more how fortitude can persevere and the techniques to do it.

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