A New 2016


After finally settling in and starting my new chapter in my career, I thought I would revitalize my personal blog.

I am pleased and proud of the accomplishments in 2015. Professionally, in my previous position at AIE, I was able to move the college forward with our largest freshman class, renovated classrooms, inspiring graduation, international student preparations and new corporate relationships. It was a privilege to work for such an innovative institution.

Personally, turning 50 years old last year, I enhanced my major transformation which began in 2012 going from 302lbs to 220lbs through diet and training up to late 2014. After my move to Seattle in late 2014, my trainers encouraged me to shred down to do a Bodybuilding show for my 50th Birthday. I trained for the NPAA BC Championships in Vancouver BC my first show ever in October 2015. I came in at stage weight 186lbs since I have 178lbs in lean body weight. I placed 1st in Novice Bodybuilding, 2nd in Masters Bodybuilding and 3rd in Open Bodybuilding. This was a great accomplishment to me in my life. I look forward to continuing and planning for another show this year.

Currently, I am at a great place in life and enjoying my new institution Florida Institute of Technology and position at Site Director & Associate Professor of Business at Maryland Campus. The Florida Institute of Technology, known as Florida Tech, was originally started as training grounds for space industry professionals working at what is now the Kennedy Space Center. But the school also offers undergraduate degree programs in science, engineering, liberal arts, psychology, STEM education and more.

Florida Institute of Technology is unique among Florida colleges and universities in that it offers the resources of a national research institution combined with the robust, personalized learning experiences of a small college; a combination the university calls “High Tech with a Human Touch”. As a result, Florida Tech students experience the rigor of strong academic programs, impactful relationships with expert faculty, and the excitement of a diverse and dynamic campus life. Florida Institute of Technology’s is ranked in the 2016 edition of Best Colleges & Universities

I look forward to continuing updates and interesting perspectives in higher education, business and training


Source: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/florida-tech-1469

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