Time to change the rules!


I have had many comments on my recent competition. When you get older they say you’re supposed to get weaker, slower, lazy, watch Football all day Sunday and be an “old man”.

Time to change the rules!

Life is not a dress rehearsal. You hold the key to your life that unlocks the door to your future. If you worried about aging, take charge of your life and direct yourself on the road you want. Make those important changes, push yourself on the right path and break the chains that hold you back.

Society influences limits for you to adhere to but its bullshit. Time to live the life instead of just a living. Be your own person. Blaze a new path. Follow no one. I personally work hard in my life now to lead by a proper example.

The only way to succeed is to keep moving forward. So take a stand and get up. Fighting the difficulties and keep progressing. You will get there through sheer determination.

Live with fortitude!



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