Glad to be a spectator

tennisSometimes you’re glad to be a spectator. I still get asked do I miss the position of elective office or politics. NO! I do not. You look at the recent national scene and issues surrounding recent local elections, it brings appreciation not to be in such arena.

I observe the local election in my previous town recently and feel contentment not partaking in such an unscrupulous campaign. Even from the sidelines, I was used as a tool in the touting of fallacy and innuendos just to promote the opposing party. It’s easier than having to produce a constructive platform and solutions to municipal issues. In addition, it’s more advantageous to throw out derogatory statements when you lack ideas. In any event that’s politics nowadays.

This is why many are disengaged with politics as a whole. So many issues that revolve around our communities and nation, while the general public and media focus on the atmospherics of those vying for elective office. I’m sure there are many intelligent, motivated, and creative individuals who would be a treasure to have in leadership positions but don’t want to expose their deficiencies or their life for it. I don’t blame them and it’s a shame. The fishbowl is an awful place.

But, these moments I feel are also a blessing. I am learning that there are situations that you can move on from, provide more insight for your growth and your future. You get to look back to reflect and learn. You also get to move forward with wisdom and excitement. The next challenge ahead.

So appreciate the blessings of different paths and focus your energy on your own path. The ability to release your past and relinquish your resentment allows you to prosper and succeed in the future.

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