Turning 50 & the Gift!

Ed Trophiesed award

It’s here! Yes I turned 50 this past weekend and feel great as I gave a gift to myself. Fitness…. This weekend I have the privilege of competing in the NPAA BC Championships Natural Bodybuilding Competition. I place 1st in Novice, 2nd in Master’s and 3rd in Open for my first show. I was incredibly stoked and it was a wonderful experience.

This journey taught me a great deal. I totally stepped out of my comfort zone and learn more about myself than ever. First, the ability to push your body physically to the limits is amazing. Workouts coupled with tremendous work issues and commitments have you sometimes doubting your ability. But it is remarkable what your body can take.

Secondly, I find the building of your body strengthens your mind tremendously. I utilize this activity to develop my mind and spirit. The growth of both is tremendous to your outlook to handle issues and drama of life.

Lastly, I feel this has provided an insight on a new passion in my life. The transformation and competition fuel my energies and optimism inside me personally I look to share more as my personal journey continues


I still fall on my face sometimes

And I cant color inside the lines

Cause I’m perfectly incomplete

I’m still working on my masterpiece

                     “Masterpiece” –Jessie J


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