Unconditional Love Dearly Missed


People discuss the importance of unconditional love and support. It becomes very interesting when you actually see and experience it.

Yesterday, “Aunty Joy” passed away. Someone near and dear to me and my family. She made some memorable impressions over the years growing up and experiencing touchpoints in life with her and her partner Pat. She was present at many important functions our family had and witnessed the birth of my two children, various professions of mine and was a huge advocate in my political career.

I vividly remember example of her principled dedication and loyalty to people she loved. After going through a tumultuous re-election campaign, Joy submitted an amazing Letter to the Editor in support of me and my campaign. It distinguished the differences of me and my opponent. My opponent Ed McCabe stated that Joy was not a real person because she was not found in the phone book. To his demise, he met Joy at the polling station on election night. She proudly walked up to him and told him in her “colorful” language that she WAS a real person and she was casting her vote happily for me. She was a trooper in many ways.

She also dearly loved my children. Constantly saying when Nicole my oldest was born, that “She is the most beautiful child”. Her and Pat always gave gifts on special days even when struggling with expenses and illnesses. “Aunty Joy” was a true joy and an example of unconditional loyalty to special people around her. Her grit and determination was amazing to observe and she will be missed dearly.

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