Deconstruction of Self


As the 8 month date approaches concerning my start of my new position and move to the west coast, I thought I would signify my personal and professional journey and discuss my deconstruction and change of myself. I enjoy thoroughly my return to academia and the evolution to the technology world. It is a fascinating and ever-changing arena. Seattle itself, is an awesome city and which embodies a culture of acceptance, reinvention and transformation in its people and its society. It’s very welcoming.

With that said, I have reflected a great deal in the discussions these last few days. More than anything I have seen the humanistic side of life in many ways. As a broken man, I apologize to those who I have hurt and have privately had my discussions with family and friends awhile ago.

Several years ago, I see how difficult the time was in my life with my father dying of cancer, marriage difficulties, busy re-election, natural disasters to deal with and more. My unhealthy approaches were detrimental. This being no excuse, I have dedicated my life now to be the best person I can be.

It has been interesting to rediscover the core competencies of myself. I’m reminded by my new anthem in my life at the moment “Masterpiece” by Jessie J, “I got a road and I walk it alone. I’m perfectly incomplete I’m still working on my masterpiece”. Rebuilding myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and holistically has been an evolution. Still work ahead…

I am indebted to my friends and family for their support. Our conversations are treasured and such great experiences and quality. I feel amazing love through logistical distance.

I look at my time in elected office as a blessing and learned a great deal. Even when hit with erroneous allegations peddled, I still feel it helped me frame my perspective of life going forward. The opportunity was an experience and enlightenment, but politics is in the rear view mirror.

The biggest trait I learned was “not to judge others”. I met with people at Town Hall who were wealthy, poor, educated and not, problems and no problems, etc. I made it a point that all who came to see me, their issue was important. I also didn’t feel my elected position held no higher class than others. I drove same beat up car, my street last worked on, and my children got no preferences. Even my mother couldn’t get her tree taken down by the tree warden. I had no problem working with highway crew in middle of night during storm or throwing trash at landfill. It was a pleasure to work with the staff.

I’m proud of the many accomplishments and improvements throughout the town including new streetscape projects, new employers, new infrastructure and working to keep the town livable and affordable for residents and businesses. Also, dealt several natural disasters that hit the area during my tenure. In any event they are long forgotten.

So I look forward to peacefully moving on with my family. I look to continue my career in academia, train for my first contest, pursue my continued dreams and have the chance to enjoy my family. I am proud of my perseverance and strength through everything. As Robert Louis Stevenson stated “Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others”. I look forward to continue my thoughts, insight and reflections from my experiences.

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