Economic Development activity & more…..


As I approach the end of my tenure as First Selectman, many insinuate it is a “lame duck” time going on. Nothing is further from the truth. We currently prepare for upcoming Town Meeting on a abatement proposal for a wonderful redevelopment  project of a distressed mill that I have been working with the developers to complete, continued litigation with athletic field, new paving in various parts of town and welcoming a new Director of Finance at the end of the month. On top of that it is budget season again with CIP project being decided next week.

But in the array of activities I also continue to prepare two economic development projects to bring to fruition. First, is courting a new retailer to Pawcatuck. This potential retailer with be an excellent addition to the community and help in adding to the retail environment near Rt 2. Secondly, I look to continue to construct my Co-op workspace proposal for Human Services bldg, to help provide an environment for virtual businesses, job training and entrepreneurial programs for individuals. My work as Chairman of Eastern Workforce Investment Board and visiting & networking with these establishments already in various parts of New England will allow us to become a cutting edge community in Southeastern CT for these programs. I look forward to continuing this work in the remaining weeks and look to hand off to Second Selectman to bring forth.

Again, work in Town Government continues to provide services for the residents.

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