Charter Revision Commission Public Hearing

charter revision

The recently appointed Charter Revision Commission will hold a public hearing Wednesday night at 7pm at Stonington High School to allow residents to suggest changes to the Town charter.

Over 1,200 residents signed a petition that were validated to examine changing the election process of Board of Finance. Currently, the endorsed candidates of the two major parties in town provide the membership. This request for change was the impetus for the Charter Revision Commission to be created. Newly appointed Third Selectman Rob Simmons has recently stated publically he looks forward to advising the Charter Revision Commission to look at having a Town Manager and expanding the Board of Selectmen to five members. This will of course increase the Town budget. Several years ago there was a question on the ballot for the possibility of a Town Manager form of Government was defeated.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the hearing that date because of a previous personal commitment out of town. Second Selectman George Crouse will be attending and I look forward to minutes of this meeting. By state law, a Charter Revision Commission must hold a public hearing before any substantial business is conducted.

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