Response to 9/5/2014 Editorial


Since the Editors of The Day did not attend the Board of Selectmen meeting, I thought it would be important to correct there recent editorial with truth instead of insinuations about me.

First, the editorial stated “complaint contains no allegations of overt actions by Mr. Haberek that would constitute clear-cut workplace sexual harassment.” There was not only no “clear cut”, there was NONE whatsoever. Page 4 of the FOIC Docket #FIC 2013-558 confirms “It is also found that nothing in the request records reveals sexually explicit or descriptive information, such as allegations of sexual contact and sexual improprieties or details of intimate personal relationships”. Unfortunately in life, manner and communication perceived by employees and the public can be taken differently. You cannot control others interpretations. As example, having your wife tell you to give more of a tip at a restaurant, means you do it. Nothing more intended.

Secondly, I have always denied and provided all documentation demonstrating no explicit photos of myself or anyone were sent to Tracy Swain from town-owned equipment. All information has been complied with concerning this frivolous allegation.

Thirdly, no “burying” of such complaint ever occurred regarding this matter in 2009. This employee contacted Dir. Of Administrative Services, Administrative Services contacted and talked with the individuals involved and then the employee withdrew such complaint. I did and still do retain a personal attorney regarding personal matters. In being an elected official, individuals including this newspaper thrive on making inaccurate statements, derogatory accusations, and thoughtless complaints about public figures. Unfortunately, defending yourself against slander and libel become part of life.

Fourth, the Town Attorney and Director of Administrative Services confirmed that the Town defended this issue to FOI Commission because the employee requested this be confidential, guaranteed confidentiality by her Supervisor Beth Stewart, and testified to FOI requesting it remain confidential. This traditional practice has been no different as we dealt with Santos case & Larkin case and they had nothing to do with me. Even though the Editorial writers of The Day don’t like it, the town is advised by town counsel and abides by the law, to protect employees and the taxpayers not incur personnel lawsuits.

Fifth, I am happy to provide any “Public records or files” as defined by the CTFOIA relating to the conduct of the public’s business and always have. If the requestor would define their search matter than just “fishing”, we can provide such information timely. As recent example, The last FOI request by The Day and Stonington reporter Joe Wotjas concerning a letter sent by a resident about Downtown Pawcatuck crime was provided in approximately 5 minutes and another concerning rumors of the Masonicare agreement and all correspondence connected to it was provided to them within a day.

Lastly, I have not made decisions with regard to self-interest. If I wanted to make decisions with regard to self- interest, I would have never run for “public” office, which would have been in my self-interest. My goal in this elected office has always been to serve the public.


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