Third Selectman appointment & Rob Simmons


Over 1,200 residents signed a petition recently and were validated to examine changing the election process of Board of Finance members to be open instead of just endorsed candidates of the two major parties in town. Along with that, our Third Selectman recently submitted her resignation effective Sept. 15th and the Republican Town Committee endorsed their candidate Rob Simmons.

So the residents work to change the process of not having elections determined by endorsed candidates of our town major parties, but yet some individuals are upset my colleague George Crouse and I have not rushed to appoint who the Republican Town Committee endorsed for Third Selectman seat soon to be open?

That is the premise that we are dealing with and why we have allowed the full opportunity of time for individuals to be considered for this Republican seat. If residents worked so hard to have elected offices be open for anyone to run and we are now possibly changing the Charter for this, then why shouldn’t anyone have the opportunity to serve an open seat if qualified. Our decision to take embrace the spirit of these petitioners is important.

I also feel it is important to clarify recent rumors regarding my opinion of Mr. Simmons candidacy. I certainly applaud his service as a State and Federal Legislator. Anyone who gets in the “arena” of elected office deserves appreciation for such commitment. Personally, we have different views on a number of issues but on the other hand I chose never to go personal during campaigns or while working for others campaign. If appointed, I look forward to working with him on challenging issues we have before us whether budgets, infrastructure, or upcoming ordinances. We look forward to voting our appointment at the September 10th Regular Board of Selectmen Meeting.

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