Editorial reply to recent article – (08/06/14),


Since The Day and Stonington reporter Joe Wotjas enjoy utilizing me as fill in “news” for their headlines  (08/06/14), I thought it best to set the record straight myself by providing the facts.

Stonington reporter Joe Wotjas continues his “fishing expedition” by now requesting FOI of almost 3 years of aged emails, texts, and telephone records in an effort to try to discredit me personally. This request that we have been working on has retained an great deal of staff hours correlating such information in the archives, Town Attorney cost to handle privileged material, and work time sorting through the huge amount of material for no particular reason. During the time of this request we also were working on budget deliberations, infrastructure work, personnel changes and more. We continue to presently work on these critical town activities to bring to completion.

At the June 25th Board of Selectmen meeting, Stonington reporter Joe Wotjas was asked personally over three times, not to mention several other times by the Town Attorney, what specifically items he wanted and he refused to provide such an item. For example, on average, I receive and transmit almost a 100 emails a day whether received from various residents, official entities, complaints and/or staff and respond to them. Such emails may be routine, but also emails may include privileged information (i.e. negotiations, personnel, medical, personal etc.) Multiply this by almost three years and you result in a voluminous material to inspect. Not to mention all other communication that has been requested. Furthermore,  during this period of time we were impacted by a number of situations including natural disasters, personnel changes, negotiations and more which certainly increased that amount of traditional communication that occurred. This results in a enormous undertaking with such an arbitrary request.

The legal definition of “harassment” is “the systematic and/or continued unwarranted and annoying actions of one part or a group, including threats and demands. Such purposes may vary including personal malice” (legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com). It seems the repetitive obsession by The Day and Stonington reporter Joe Wotjas of me falls under this category. We will continue to work on this request, but I think staff time and town monies can be better devoted to other activities than their obsession of me.



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