My letter to the publisher about the false headline


Dear Mr. Farrugia:

I usually don’t respond to articles in the newspaper, but when an a news organization such as yours prints false headlines, I feel it is important to have it corrected especially when it defames an individual and tries to strike salacious headlines.

First, the headline “FOI Commission rules sexual harassment complaint filed against Haberek is public record” is false.  On Page 4 of the FOIC Docket #FIC 2013-558 states “It is also found that nothing in the request records reveals sexually explicit or descriptive information, such as allegations of sexual contact and sexual improprieties or details of intimate personal relationships”.

It disappointing that The Day and its reporters continue “Sensationalism” by using scandalous eye-catching headlines and misleading the public for the purpose of getting attention and increasing circulation. The sole purpose of this form of journalism is business. The Society of Professional Journalists state “Test the accuracy of information from all sources and exercise care to avoid inadvertent error. Deliberate distortion is never permissible.” ( Unfortunately, again The Day newspaper, including this story by Karen Florin including Stonington journalist Joe Wotjas show the lack of these professional ethical codes. This exemplifies the reason I do not comment to these reporters or your newspaper.

The Day’s states its mission “to publish newspapers of quality and integrity”.  Quality is defined as “a high level of value or excellence”.  Unfortunately, when you are publishing inaccuracies and salacious headlines, I find it difficult to say you are a publisher of excellence.

I demand a retraction of this distortion and apology for this misrepresentation. When requested, I personally advocated the release of this document but as First Selectman, I have to take into consideration town counsel opinion and abide by the law, while trying to protect employees and the taxpayers of our town to not incur personnel lawsuits. Thank you very much


Edward Haberek Jr.



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