Edward Haberek Jr.

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Pursuit of Physical Metamorphosis

Health, Fitness, and Physical Change

We have a lot in common.  I was an active person growing up. I was an athlete in High School and College playing baseball on very competitive levels. As I grew in business, academic and government careers, I also grew physically too…in the wrong way. I gained a great deal of weight and started getting health issues. I remember my Mother vividly stating “You better see a doctor before you have a heart attack”.

I started to frequent the gym to start a plan. I’d go to the gym a few times a week for less than a month, and then fall back to old habits and routines. Fluctuation without consistency usually happened.


Now at my heaviest, my friends and family would describe me as fat, and I knew it.  At nearly 6’0” tall and 302 pounds, I was in terrible shape. Having to shop for clothes in the XXL size shirts and 46” pants made it quite obvious. I was not happy with how I felt or looked.

In addition, my life was in turmoil (difficult job, marriage issues, losing a parent and more) and the opportunity to focus on my physical health was a blessing to submerge into. So the transformation began in 2012

Getting Going…

I started to evolve in my meal selection, consistent in workout, cardio and routine. This was the importance of transformation. It was slow but the process began. Working out was challenging and consistent, and I liked having a routine and accountability.

Stepping it up

A couple of months into the training, I was feeling more confident. I then turned to a several personal trainers to learn more, get a better routine and step it up a level. The meal prep lessons were amazing and the workouts elevated in intensity. It was grueling, invigorating, and addicting.

Thirsty for more

My move to Seattle, Washington came in December 2014 and I brought my attitude and workout routine with me also. I had the pleasure of meeting an individual who inspired my transformation, my trainer Frankie Rongo. He encouraged me to look at competing especially as I was approaching 50 years old and was determined with my workout routines after losing over 75 lbs. So I started the process of incredible hardcore training and pushing my body to define and lean out.

I work very hard with amazing routines and even added his “bootcamp” routine to my cardio. Physically, mentally and emotionally this was an amazing endeavor.

I was now approaching competitive weight and it was time to focus on a Bodybuilding show. I then met and started working with the second individuals who inspired my transformation, my coaches Kevin and Lynda James. They were a godsend in my mindset, show prep and posing. The prep was amazing yet challenging. What started out as a chore quickly became a passion for me with the addition of guidance. Now, rather than loathe, I cherish my time in the gym. Alone or not, it’s my time. Inside those walls is the only place where I am in complete control.  It’s important to be fulfilled in however you choose — but the satisfaction of having sovereignty over your physical condition is supreme.

I was so pleased competing at the NPAA BC Championships; I placed 1st in Novice, 2nd in Master’s and 3rd in Open. It was an invigorating experience. My stage weight was 186lbs. Again, in 2016, I competed in the competitive OCB Capitol City Classic, placing 4th in Master’s Division. I continue to compete and prep for my 2017 show.

Want to work together? I would be happy to work with you on your goals. I am available for face-to-face Personal Training and Nutrition Support in the Maryland/Delaware area. Also, I work online to create programs for individuals with full support! I am Certified Personal Fitness Trainer (AAAI/ISMA) and finishing my certification in Results Coaching, Kickboxing and Nutrition. Contact me for inquiries and feel free to go to my Personal Training!