Edward Haberek Jr.

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My Personal Transformation

We all have our trials, tribulations and turning points in life, I have personally taken the step with the messes of my life and turned them into a message for the masses.

This is my story …

Author Stephen Covey has an empowering way of thinking about spiritual intelligence. He describes it in terms of three related parts: integrity, meaning, and voice. He says “Integrity is being true to your highest values and conscious. Meaning is a sense of contribution to people and causes. Voice is about aligning your work to your unique calling and gifts“.

It’s time to bring them together….

With the encouragement of my friends and family, who had always wanted me to share and scale my skills more broadly, I decided to create a new arena, work to help others and channel this for my impact.

As I look back over the past seven years of my life, I realize what an amazing amount of transformation I’ve experienced. I wanted to share my story with you in hopes that at least one person out there will read it and find the encouragement and inspiration they need in order to become the person they were truly meant to be. Here’s my story:

As you might have read in my biography, I started in the corporate world working for several Fortune 500 companies in executive management, sales, marketing, and training. With September 11, occurring and a newborn, I realized it was time to spend more time home and look to my passion of academia.

Upon entering academia, began as an Academic Director/Professor at a college in Connecticut. During this time, I also taught at various other institutions. Continuing my education, I also started my Doctorate degree.

I then became active in politics. Serving on town committee’s and then being elected to Board of Education. I was encouraged to take the next step and run for higher office. In 2007, I was elected as First Selectman (i.e. Mayor) of my town and subsequently re-elected in 2009, 2011, & 2013. I am very proud of my accomplishments during my seven year tenure.

Unfortunately, during that time my life started to fall apart. You’ve heard of people who have experienced a “fall from grace”.

  • You know, the celebrity said something foolish, the media ran with it, and she never quite recovered. “You like me. You really like me.”
  • The athlete was found to have used substances that enhanced his performance, earning him stolen medals, records, and victories. He lied about it, the truth came out, and he became a punchline.

My life followed that example….

You can imagine being leader of a town and city comes with accolades and more. But politics does become intoxicating. Culminating circumstances were occurring in my life. My father was stricken with cancer, my marriage was troubled, getting hit in a civil case with erroneous allegations against me and stress in my position was taking a toll. You try to look to escape it all, but impossible to do. I struggled with this privately for several years. Then being a public figure, it all comes out in the open.

I still worked hard at my position but became worse with my father’s death, difficult re-election campaigns, infidelity and ultimate divorce and public humiliation. I hurt and brought shame to many friends and family. As a broken man, I apologize to those who I have hurt and understand there was no excuse for my actions. I disappointed many people and most of all I disappointed my family.

Deep within the sinful human heart is the knowledge that we have fallen from grace, and with it the conviction that if the fault is ours, so too is the remedy. With that, I realized I needed to change many parts of my life. I need to dig deep to the roots of my core and find my true self again.

In 2014, I was very lucky and was offered a terrific opportunity to return to academia, but in Seattle, Washington (2989 miles away from family). I was excited to return to academia and the evolution to the technology world.  Seattle itself, is an awesome city and which embodies a culture of acceptance, reinvention and transformation in its people and its society. But was leaving my family.

The move to the west coast was needed. This change initiated my personal and professional reinvention and forced my deconstruction and change of myself. I did soul searching there. I searched for a missing piece of myself. I embraced my faith, built confidence in myself, worked hard on discipline and fortitude in my life and started to love my true self.

It has been interesting rediscovering the core competencies of myself.

“I got a road and I walk it alone. I’m perfectly incomplete I’m still working on my masterpiece” – “Masterpiece” by Jessie J.

I had to rebuild myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, and holistically. I worked to repair with my family, the civil case filed was withdrawn, rebuilt my career, and found true friends who cared for me. It has been a transformational evolution. A continued work in progress…

I look at my lowest point as a blessing and a time in my life to embrace. This time helped me frame my perspective of life going forward. The opportunity was an experience and enlightenment while teaching me FORTITUDE.

Please join my blog and I look to keep updates on my upcoming book, talks and information. My goal is to provide insight, thoughts, ideas and strategies to provide others strength of mind to endure adversity in life.