Edward Haberek Jr.

Hi Everyone:

Today is my birthday and I am launching a gift instead of receiving! I am launching my new website today!

After about a month of kicking back and forth ideas, I have taken the first step to start my new endeavor or as Best Selling Author Gary Vaynerchuk calls a “side hustle”. Encapsulating all the things I love, do, and want to say in a commercial project. I find this to be a personal recapitulation, honest redemption and true life endeavor.

The first step was to professionally launch my own website and blog!  was a website/blog project I have worked on during the year and I’m happy to launch on my birthday.

After writing blogs, articles, and posting on my social media sites periodically, I felt ready to take it to the next level which allows me to publish more and really reveal my personal, professional, emotional and spiritual endeavors I have been on during my lifetime. In addition, I hope my reflections here will help, inspire and maybe even entertain readers.

My ultimate goal with this website is to gradually grow from a blog to creating a platform of expression of reflections, ideas, thoughts and advice on this venture of life. I have had the pleasure to be involved with business, academics, government, fitness, social media and life in general for many years. I look forward to talking about personal and professional matters from the perspective of the “real” person. Not a “wanna be” social media guru, but the practical lessons on this venture called life. The ability to be fall into the largest valley and climb the tallest mountain, and still get up the next day with fortitude! Also, I would love to have others join by including guest writers, to provide even more ideas to help & inspire.

Please feel free to support this blog by signing up to join this blog and sharing with others, I look forward to a wonderful dialogue. Share it with your friends and I hope it will provide value to them too. Look forward to my future website in the making and more information I look to bring you. As, I have always said to my students my courses, “Change results from inspiration or desperation”

Talk to you soon,


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