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I have been asked a number of times to discuss my physical transformation that started several years ago. I wanted to share what I feel are 5 key qualities to such transformation.

Inherent in your heart. Going through the motions just won’t cut it. You need to feel the fire in the belly (no pun intended) to start the transformation. Tony Robbins always said “Change comes from Inspiration or Desperation” I believe that. You either lose weight to look “better” in your clothes or you just can’t fit in them anymore. You need to crash to the bottom to become determined to rise to the top each and every day.

Gotta do it! Can’t just say it but need to do it. Workout, food, supplements, sleep, everything. Many times I said going start and eat well for 3,4,5 days then crashed again. Consistency is the key. Have to live it and be able to love it! Many of times I feel like crap but still drag myself to get the work in at the gym.

Eating needs to become a machine. The only way to transform your thoughts on food is to look at it as a purpose not a pleasure. It becomes like a car filling gas. Putting in proper fuel to have it run better and drive nicer. Too many people give their vehicles better fuel and treatment than their bodies. I look at each meal now as “feeding time” and a process to keep the body running. This also provides focus.

Celebrate the achievements. There is nothing better than enjoying and complimenting yourself for the steps of the ladder that you accomplished. I prided myself in dedication and appreciation of myself as I transformed. Your body and mind need to understand and process positive thankfulness of your work. This provided me the encouragement to continue. Similar to a baby who is happy on their first steps and want to keep walking. Be good to yourself.

#Fortitude! That is my word. I have lived it, done it and continue to do it. You need to walk through fire and continue to walk as you burn. No excuses. It’s tough, days are good and bad but fortitude to get through and compartmentalize the dynamics in your life are crucial. I was dealing with numerous dynamics in my life as I continued my transformation. I focused to make training a “stable” routine in my unpredictable life. It is amazing what your body can achieve when your mind is relentless.

I look to continue writing about this transformation topic. I appreciate all the comments, thoughts and reflections. Remember #GetFortitude


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