The Power of Recommitted Focus

Recommit defined as “make the conscious decision that you will take the daily actions necessary to realize your goal”. I woke up this morning after dealing with horrible cold for several days. These last couple weeks have been a difficult balance of work stress, work out stress, juggling so many items, and general fatigue. So […]

5 Keys to Physical Transformation

I have been asked a number of times to discuss my physical transformation that started several years ago. I wanted to share what I feel are 5 key qualities to such transformation. Inherent in your heart. Going through the motions just won’t cut it. You need to feel the fire in the belly (no pun […]

Launching of the Blog! Here we go…..

Hi Everyone: After about a month of kicking back and forth ideas, I have taken the first step to start my new endeavor or as Best Selling Author Gary Vaynerchuk calls a “side hustle”. Encapsulating all the things I love, do, and want to say in a commercial project. I find this to be a personal […]

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